Find your most appropriate nearby washroom facility

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Amazing Features

Amazing features and awesome functionality

Home Screen

Your nearest washroom facilities
at a glance based on your location
and default settings.

Home Function

Return to the Home Screen with
one click from any other function.

List Function

Get detailed facility information
with ratings and comments from
the map with the touch of a button.

Search Bar

Explore washroom facilities in any
Other city.

Upload Function

Add and rate a new facility to the
database and share your experience
with others.

Filter Function

Set or change your washroom
default setting; distance and

Why it's the best

Loofind is a user populated, mobile application used to locate, rate, share and recommend washroom facilities worldwide. Its easy and its fun.

Our main goal is accessibility and to raise the general standard of facilities everywhere through your ratings.

Our other goal is to assist those users for who urgency and discomfort may a way of life. Urgency often requires knowing where facilities are available and, almost as important, the conditions of those facilities. This is where Loofind will help. We think it is important to know where the Loos are and their condition, giving one the opportunity to choose.

About LooFind

Loofind is a user populated application that helps to locate, rate, share information about and recommend publically accessible washroom facilities worldwide. Its intent is to help people for whom is important to know where these are or others who are just interested or curious in finding facilities that are as sanitary and as nearby as possible.

Find your most appropriate nearby washroom facility based on a set of criteria that you select; maximum distance and cleanliness rating. The app allows you to select a Loo and get detailed directions and an ETA from your present location. The app can also be used to explore facilities from a great distance in any city anywhere in the world before you go there. It can also help plan your rest stops on a road trip. Give credit where credit is due and share a photo and good comment for a 5-star rated washroom for everyone to see.

It's Awesome

Impressive functionality


Instantly locate the nearest washrooms
based on your personal default settings
for cleanliness and nearness. Quickly get
details, commentary and arrival time
information from your present location.


Search other cities remotely in advance of
your arrival to plan your route or out of
curiosity. Know where the best places
are your you "to go".


Share your experience and add to the
database for others. Rate the cleanliness
and post the attributes of the
washroom facility. Take a photo of a
5-star rated Loo that deserves the credit.


Sleek well executed design!

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